RePrint Studio

NeuroTracer sampleRePrint Studio®, based on NeuroTracer® technology is a software product developed by BSS GmbH, Germany.

It is a vectorizing program of the new generation that employs self-training neural network technology.

The software is aimed at a wide users group, including printing establishments, design agencies and just anyone who needs to transfer screen images in graphics format, i.e. to vectorize bitmap graphics as well as to remove "noise" from a scanned image.

For the first time the adaptive neural filter of the software makes it possible to remove "noise" from scanned images in semi-automatic mode within a very short time. This part of NeuroTracer® functionality can be also used by separated NeuroCleaner®.

Small parts of the scanned image as well as vector prompts, i.e. what is desirable to see in this part of the image, are applied to the filter input.

After training the net can apply the suggested processing method to the whole image.

Importance of a certain part of the scanned image can be determined not only by its color component, but also by the object view. For example, screen dots or lines of a certain direction can be selected as significant elements.

In case hatchings intercross at an angle, the undesirable effect of angle sharpness decrease, typical of the majority of existing vectorizing programs, is absent.

This filtration method can be applied to almost any screen image.

Various trained filters configurations (for example, the filter that improves quality of engravings scanned with a certain resolution) can be saved and applied to other images in future. In case some information on a certain part of the new object is absent in the saved filter, the filter can be retrained using additional new information.

Method of image border outlining according to the "gray level" as well as mosaic layout of the result aimed at reducing contour length of the gained objects are used for further vectorizing of the scanned screen image with removed "noise".

Besides, parameters of smoothing the resulting lines, input screen correction, area restrictions for the traced objects can be adjusted by vectorizing.

It is also possible to combine the gained objects in order to create transparent areas.

NeuroTracer® and NeuroCleaner® run on Microsoft® Windows® PC-platforms.