Features of Cerberus® software (base version) can be expanded through a variety of additional plug-in filters.

Currently, there are following plug-in filters:

3D-surface - overlays (transfers) a guilloche over a 3D-surface, which can be introduced as a formula or imported as a grayscale image. Allows creating irregular guilloches. Samples ->

Double Line - is an anti-copy effect achieved due to splitting a guilloche line into two or more lines. As a result some parts of the guilloche image will consist of double lines; width of each line is less compared to the source line. Samples ->

Emboss - is designed for creating relief or "embossed" images. The effect is achieved due to displacement of the source guilloche lines under a User-specified algorithm. Samples ->

Frame - is designed for fast creation of rectangular frames of given dimensions and width. Samples ->

Gray Copy - is an anti-copy effect obtained due to partial rasterization of a guilloche line with optical width compensation. At that a hidden image is created that will develop by photocopying. Samples ->

Jitterprint - is an effect that introduces micro-errors in a random way (lines jitter distortion, lines width modification). Samples ->

Kaleidoscope - multiplies a free guilloche fragment over a big surface, employs three "mirrors". As a result a new guilloche of a kaleidoscope type is created. Samples ->

Kaleidoscope PRO - multiplies a free guilloche fragment over a big surface. Can employ any number of "mirrors" (up to 36); the "mirrors" can be turned at a free angle. Samples ->

Mirror - cuts and "mirrors" a free guilloche fragment at any angle, at that the fragments are joined seamlessly. "Mirroring" is effected along a straight line. Samples ->

Mirror Warp - cuts and "mirrors" a free guilloche fragment at any angle. "Mirroring" is done not along a straight line, but along a curve spline which can be set by the User. Samples ->

Multicolor - allows creating a full-color image in which guilloche figures serve as "raster lines". Modulates guilloche lines width by means of a color raster image. Is designed for offset printing, so the number of used colors should correspond to the number of ink mileages. Samples ->

Variable color - separates colors in a raster image (color filter). Modulates guilloche lines width depending on colors matching. Samples ->

Variable width - overlays images on guilloche elements. The effect is achieved due to changing guilloche lines width. Samples ->

Also you can download all information about plug-in filters for CERBERUS® in .pdf format (11,2 Mb).